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Rediplex Light Spray – Product Review

Product Science
Glutathione is an emerging molecule in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and cosmetology. Although it comes in food and nutrition category but it’s gaining important as medicine for cosmetic purpose.

Glutathione is considered as mother of all antioxidants. There are so many brands available for this molecule in cosmetic world. Glutathione is available to use as tablets, capsules, logenges, serums, sachets and injections.

Glutathione description and functions
Glutathione is a wonderful supplement enhancing immunity. It also remove free radicles from body and work as skin lightening as well.

Rediplex Light Product Review

Glutathione Rediplex Light product review
Glutathione is getting popular day by day due to it’s wonder effects

Positive Aspects –
Rediplex Light Oral spray (below tongue) is very effective and helps in improving immunity as well as skin lightening.

It’s packaging is very user friendly. Just one to two puffs are good enough at a time. You can use this spray once or twice in a day.

Negative Aspects –
You may not like the test of Rediplex Light but auther of this article feel taste of this spray as tolerable.

Note – Auther of this article is a cosmetology practicing doctor and has personally used this product.

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Learning Aesthetic Medicine& Cosmetology!

As we all know that aesthetic medicine and cosmetology are fields of medicine that fall in between clinical and beauty parlor practice. Here in aesthetic clinics or cosmetic clinics you practice medicine in a very friendly manner with your patients… or you may say clients, as most of the time they do not have any disease but they just want to look vibrant!!

Cosmetology Courses in India
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Looking at big demand for cosmetic treatment and that too increasing day by day, doctors from all specialties are trying to get in this lucrative field. Say it be Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon, MBBS doctors, Other specialist like Orthopedicians, Gynaecologists, ENT Surgeons, Eye Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Dentists and even Homeopathy & Ayurveda doctors, all are looking for some sort of opportunity in this cosmetic world.

There are very few institutes in India that are teaching aesthetic medicine and cosmetology to doctor in detailed and regular way & they are –

  2. Vibrante Academy
  4. IIAM
  5. IICTN

There are also few clinics/doctors who are running these courses, like Dr Rajat Bhandari, Dr Arun Panda etc. But if we talk about institutes or centres dedicated to train the doctors from all specialties with best in class curriculum, hands-on for every procedure, and best faculty, well explaining the basics and detailed topic discussion with friendly environment, Vibrante Academy & DJPIMAC holds far superior position among all. We have personally discussed with participants doctors and the crux of that discussion is that Vibrante Academy stands far ahead of all these institutes. Well you are the one who know better for you and all above institutes are doing good job to educate the doctors in cosmetology and helping them to expand their practice horizon. Looks Ki Baat wishes you all the best for your journey in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

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Simplest way to improve health and looks!

Yup! there is a simple but strong way to flush out toxins, to boost immunity, to improve skin, to increase energy, to reduce weight and to improve digestion. And the miracle thing is what we all have daily… Guess what it could be?

And this miracle is the simplest chemical formula H2O or WATER! If I ask – did you drink enough water yesterday, the most of you might either say dont know or no! The fact is in this busy lifestyle we forget to take care of ourselves. Drinking enough water in a day is must to follow rule as exercise and healthy food habits are.


So how much water we should drink everyday to keep ourself and our skin healthy? The answer is 8+ glasses for a normal adult without any heart or kidney problem. Water is a miracle drink that God has gifted us. In fact life started in water only. Especially in summers we should intake more water. Never forget to have a glass of water whenever you move out of the home or office. Hope you be healthy and have stunning looks!


Crow Feet - The ageing sign - Botox
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Crow Feet – The ageing sign!

You need not worry while smiling or laughing when you are in your 20s. But when it comes to late 30s and later, your smile may disturb you. Yes you read it right! Smile may be a worry!

And thats because of crow feet or smile lines or wrinkles on the side of your eyes while you are smiling or laughing.

Crow feet is a nightmare for cosmetic freak people who want to look young in their 30s, 40s and so on. Now few questions you may want to ask-

  • What is the treatment for crow feet?
  • How treatment of crow feet is done?
  • How costly crow feet treatment is?
  • How often I need to visit the clinics?

I will try to answer all these question about crow feet one by one.

Crowfeet treatment by Botox in India

Crow feet is best treated by Botox or any other brand of Botulinum Toxin. This is a neurotoxin that relaxes the muscles and remove “dynamic wrinkles” (which are seen on expression). While “static wrinkles” (which are seen on face even without any expression) are best treated with dermal fillers.

Botox treatment for crowfeet is done by injections of botox on the side of eye. It need good knowledge of anatomy of facial muscles.

Cost of crowfeet depends on severity of wrinkles, brand of botulinum toxin, expertise of doctor and many other variables. Per unit cost of botox in India varies from ₹350 to ₹650.

Effect of botox on crow feet become visible in 7-10 days and peak at 15 days. Effects wean off as time passes and goes by 3-6 months. So you need to visit the clinic or doctor as soon as 3 months.

Hope this article help you understand crowfeet treatment. Feel free to ask me any question you may have about botox treatment. I will try my best to answer your questions appropriately.

My Email is – lookskibaat [at] gmail [dot] com

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Botox and Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack /Cardiac Arrest) – Was Bollywood Veteran Actress Sridevi on risk?

As many media reports says Sridevi was on regular Botox treatment and other cosmetic procedures as well to look her best.

Debate on death of Sridevi due to Cardiac Arrest - Is botox responsible?

Botox is being highlighted as cause of her untimely death due to cardiac arrest. Cardiac complications of Botox are hypertension (1-10%), arrhythmia (frequency not reported), cardiac arrest (frequency not reported) – sometime fatal. Here is a review on risk involved with Botox and we found that its just 0.1% of all complications and that too mostly in a specific group of people.

Highest risk of MI is in the female, 60+ old , have been taking the drug for less then 1 month who also take medication Synthroid (LevoThyroxin), and have Multiple sclerosis.

This review is based on reports of 30,301 people who have side effects when taking Botox from FDA , and is updated regularly.

As On Feb, 23, 2018

(Link for regular Updates – Click Here)

30,301 people reported to have side effects when taking Botox.

Among them, 30 people (0.1%) have Myocardial infarction

And yes you are not alone! There is a support group for people who take Botox and have Myocardial infarction. Click here to join the group.

Here is a nice talk by “Prevention” who spoke with Darrell Rigel, MD, president of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and Alberto Esquenazi, MD, chair and professor, department of physical medicine and rehabilitation, and chief medical officer at Moss Rehab & Albert Einstein Medical Center. Click here to go through the talk.