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Botox and Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack /Cardiac Arrest) – Was Bollywood Veteran Actress Sridevi on risk?

As many media reports says Sridevi was on regular Botox treatment and other cosmetic procedures as well to look her best.

Debate on death of Sridevi due to Cardiac Arrest - Is botox responsible?

Botox is being highlighted as cause of her untimely death due to cardiac arrest. Cardiac complications of Botox are hypertension (1-10%), arrhythmia (frequency not reported), cardiac arrest (frequency not reported) – sometime fatal. Here is a review on risk involved with Botox and we found that its just 0.1% of all complications and that too mostly in a specific group of people.

Highest risk of MI is in the female, 60+ old , have been taking the drug for less then 1 month who also take medication Synthroid (LevoThyroxin), and have Multiple sclerosis.

This review is based on reports of 30,301 people who have side effects when taking Botox from FDA , and is updated regularly.

As On Feb, 23, 2018

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30,301 people reported to have side effects when taking Botox.

Among them, 30 people (0.1%) have Myocardial infarction

And yes you are not alone! There is a support group for people who take Botox and have Myocardial infarction. Click here to join the group.

Here is a nice talk by “Prevention” who spoke with Darrell Rigel, MD, president of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and Alberto Esquenazi, MD, chair and professor, department of physical medicine and rehabilitation, and chief medical officer at Moss Rehab & Albert Einstein Medical Center. Click here to go through the talk.

Frauds, Marketing Gimmicks, Loot in Cosmetic industry
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Cosmetic Industry & Emotional “Atyachaar”

This is my first blog post and its going to be negative one! People usually start with positive news but I am not, and there is a clear reason for the same. I have started this blog for favoring not anyone other then readers of this blog. Neither I have started this blog to market my own products or services, and that is the why I have kept my name secret. I also know that this blog may face dislikes, anger and even law-suits for the genuine content, I am going to deliver you. I need support and love of end consumers to continue my undismayed work against frauds in cosmetic industry.

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This market help grow those companies, products and services which are intelligently play with marketing gimmicks. Marketing has taken superior place then quality. Except very few genuine companies who are working with ethics, many companies in cosmetic industry are very clever and they know how to play with consumers in a very emotional way, so as to take out money from their pocket. There marketing fundaments are so strong that consumer never realize that they have been cheated for life.

As I already told that this blog is clearly in interest of consumers, its my utmost duty to warn each and every reader from being looted by such fraud products or businesses. One thing is very clear that its high time to be aware of such products and services to save your hard earned money and assets. Please share with your friends and keep visiting  us to be aware and be safe.